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About Carmei Gat

Carmi Gat is a new neighborhood in Kiryat Gat which located in the northern part of the city, between the railroad track from the east and Highway 40 from the west. This is about a new and biggest project in Israel since the establishment of Modi'in city.

Roof Agreement

Carmei Gat neighborhood is the first to be placed in the Roof Agreement model. What does it means? Roof Agreement was held between the state of Israel, Land Authority, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Construction and the housing cooperative to the local authorities while the target is to increase the apartments supply. In this situation the country must to transfer for the local authority the funding that required for the establishment of infrastructures, development, establishment of education institutions and public structures before building the apartments and the local authority commit to the entrepreneurs grant a building permit in 90 days. The goal that behind this agreement is that on the day of populating the occupants in the neighborhood already will be prepared all the infrastructures, education institutions, roads, parks, and more.

The first Roof Agreement was signed in 2013 between Kiryat Gat to Israel lands administration on a field of 3,000 dunam of agricultural land that transmitted for residences, a total of 7,500 residential units. At 8.2018 was signed the second Roof Agreement with expanding the project northward to road 353 and building of more 7,000 units.

A Green And Smart City

Carmei Gat adopts the green building principles that preserve existed green fields that gives the residents a better quality of life. Green building designed to economize energy, materials and water, the ambition is to preserve the natural resources and avoid harming her surroundings. Moreover, the city of Kiryat Gat is built in the Smart building method that designed to make it easier for the residents in a variety domains for example convenient and effective use in public transport routes, accessibility and transparency for residents and more, while the target is improving building that attentive to the residents and their needs and on the other side effective and economical, that's expressed in shopping centers near  Residential Buildings, access to Bicycle trails, closeness of educational institutions, and more, moreover, in the center of the Carmei Gat neighborhood established a park to be sprawl on field of 200 dunam and already started the planning  of the second park that include sportek on field of 110 dunam.

Location And Transportation

The location of Kiryat Gat is very attractive, Although the city is located in the south but she lies on Highway 6 's main artery and accessible in optimally way to all the hinges, Highway 40 connect the city northward to Gedera and Rehovot and southward to Beer Sheva.  At Kiryat Gat there is a train that connect her easily to Tel Aviv with a time traveling of 40 minutes, the second train supposed to be build in the northern part of Carmi Gat neighborhood, moreover supposed to paved road to direct exit to Highway 40.

To shorten the travel times Road 35 expanded that cross between Kiryat Gat to Carmei Gat toward Ashkelon and 2 bridges were established that connecting between the old Kiryat Gat to Carmei Gat and will be established new junctions.

Project of Carmei Gat is a special project that supposed to change the face of the city, from small city with about 60,000 residents the Kiryat Gat city expected to triple her size, development of infrastructures, smart and green building, the convenient access to transportation will make Carmei Gat to a focal point for many residents outside the city.


Carmei Gat still at advanced building level and keep picking up new residents from all parts of the country. Today, the main population of Carmei Gat are young couples, families with kids, Secular and religious nationals with situation of socio-economic medium-high. As long as Carmei Gat will keep building so does the population will grow at her.


As of today, at Carmei Gat there are over 20 kindergartens, private and governmental dormitories, between them Marian center.

In additional, "Kramim" school, elementary school, opened his gates to students already in 2018. At Carmei Gat continues to build up three other schools that should be opened at the upcoming school year. Comprehensive school at Avnei Hachoshen street gets close at his building level and 2 other elementary schools close to Henrietta Szold street.


Soon supposed to open branches of Meuhedet, Clalit and Maccabi at Carmei Gat neighborhood. First branch of health maintenance organization Meuhedet will open close to Avnei Hachoshen street. Later, branches of Clalit and Maccabi will open at Center Gat project.

Additionally, as part of accessibility of quality healthcare service to residents of the region, established a hospital in the open area that between Carmei Gat and the old city, on field in a scope of about 150 dunam on field of park Lakhish.

Culture and Leisure

Soon supposed to open Community centre at Carmei Gat that will offer to the kids of the neighborhood classes, leisure and enrichment content for different ages.

Already today you can visit park Lekhish of Carmei Gat that include many attractions for kids at different ages to start from bicycle trails, Fitness facilities, soccer and basketball field and more.

 "Kramim" school suggest different classes for kids like robotics.

Carmei Gat area abundant on excellent travel Sites in any difficulty level start from short travels and to long time travels in the bosom of nature at the river crossing.

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